Sophia Tanner Takes the Helm as VP of Sales at CoopDIGITy

Marysville, September 1, 2023 – CoopDIGITy, a leading provider of data analytics in the Pet Industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Sophia Tanner as the new Vice President of Sales. Previously serving as the Vice President of Sales & Support, Sophia’s transition showcases the fluidity and versatility of leadership within CoopDIGITy.

Sophia embarked on her journey with CoopDIGITy in 2015, starting as a data analyst. Her innate ability to understand clients’ needs, coupled with her meticulous nature, soon saw her taking the lead in client interactions and helming the support team. An alumnus of Heald College, Sophia holds a degree in Medical Office Administration, reflecting her diverse skill set and commitment to excellence.

Renowned in the pet industry for her unwavering dedication to clients, Sophia has epitomized the role of Principal Client Advocate. Day in and day out, she has gone the extra mile, ensuring unparalleled client satisfaction and reinforcing CoopDIGITy’s reputation as a customer-centric organization.

“Honest to God, I think Sophia cares more about this company and our clients than even I do – which is saying a lot. She is constantly setting the ‘G.A.S.’ bar VERY high for all of us, myself included.” Jeremiah Cooper, CEO of CoopDIGITy, stated, “Sophia’s track record speaks volumes. Her transition from VP of Support to VP of Sales is a strategic move that aligns with her strengths. I have full confidence that her passion and love for our clients and our service will continue to ‘wow’ the industry.”

As Sophia focus moves entirely to Sales, she is being succeeded by our own Alexander Raddler. The CoopDIGITy family extends its congratulations and is excited to witness the evolution and expansion of the Sales department under her leadership.